Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultancy

The ancient art of Feng Shui originated in China around 3000-4000 years ago. A Feng Shui master would be consulted in order to determine where best to site their home as well as how to design and build their home so as to be in balance and harmony with nature. Allowing people to feel secure and supported by their homes; benefitting from being near water without being flooded, to be elevated for security, but at the same time being sheltered from prevailing winds and to be near a plentiful supply of essential resources in order to feed your family, stay safe, be healthy and prosper.

There has been enormous amount of change over the last 4000 years in the way that we live, but in essence we as humans have not changed very much. Whilst we’ve made significant technological advancements, we still possess many of the same basic animalistic instincts and sensitivities to our environment.

We still have a fundamental need to feel safe, secure and supported by a healthy and well-designed space. We need to balance our stressful modern day lives that now include new elements such as electro magnetic pollution, microwaves like Wifi that can affect our sleep, air pollution that can affect our health, toxic materials, artificial light and the various light spectrums that can support us or hinder us.. All these new elements need to be addressed so that we can live in harmony not only with nature but also with the technology in our modern world.

Gary Hawkes is an established Feng Shui Master with over 25 years experience in his craft. He has worked with Kelly Hoppen MBE herself and her clients for many of those years. In his Feng Shui practice, he not only incorporates the old Native American, Celtic and Chinese systems, but has developed an understanding and practice to address the modern-day issues caused by our modern technological lives.

After an initial consultation where he explores your life and needs, Gary thoroughly investigates the site orientation, all elements of light, both natural and artificial, room colours, shapes, materials and placement of furniture and objects as well as the modern-day technology elements mentioned above.

His recommendations are formulated to create a harmonious, balanced, healthy and therefore fully supportive space. Gary makes personal recommendations for you to consider, as often it’s not just our environment that needs addressing and balancing, it can be ourselves that need balancing too.

Once his recommendations have been implemented, you will achieve a beautiful, balanced and harmonious space that is supportive and efficient. This will enable you to use all of your precious energy and time to achieve greater health, financial security, happiness and more harmonious relationships.

Gary’s system will also create a means of communication between your unconscious and your conscious mind. The more conscious you become the more healthy, happy and peaceful your life will become.

If necessary, he can work remotely from a site plan that includes the surrounding elements and compass direction, but he prefers to visit the site in person where possible.