Bespoke Design By Kelly

Kelly Hoppen Couture seamlessly blends her natural balance and timeless style to your brief creating a sanctuary that is all about you. Taking time to understand the lifestyle of those involved ensuring every job is tailor-made to your needs.

Whether it is the side of the bed you wake up on to who does the cooking in your home, or the feel of a texture that exudes elegance on a luxury yacht, meticulous attention to detail creates a completely bespoke design that is both practical and luxurious while emphasising the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Kelly Hoppen Couture also allows access to Kelly's coveted 'black book' – her private phone book with all the numbers you will need to manage and maintain your property; from what florists to use to garnish your room, to where to buy your gluten-free muffins (and everything in between).

We will accessorise your entire home or a room down to the cotton wool in the container itself, vase objects all the items that finish a home and make it a home.
Art Sourcing
We will advise on galleries around the world and help to put a collection together or introduce you to art consultants of whom we have many.
These are wonderful to be able to show you how your home will look and huge care is taken in making them very life like and work well with design boards and drawings to make final decisions.
Couture Joinery
Every piece is designed by me and drawn up with samples of materials with different options.
Fires are like sculptures and we can design and make them for you with wonderful artisans we want your home to be unique.
I will design your home using as many unique pieces from all over the world and have access to many unusual companies and craftsmen so you will have a unique choice.
This is one of the most important parts of a home and I take great care in planning this with specialist lighting designers.
Presentation Examples
The presentation is one of the most important parts of the process, it is the time you get to visualise your home and I take huge care and time in creating this package which is of a very high standard to make the journey begin.
Sketching Technique
This is another wonderful way to have you visualise your home. It takes less time than CGIs and is remarkably useful.
We deliver a full package of details and drawings, which are tailored to each individual project, from concept to completion.

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